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Author Story Title
MadLadJoseph The Dream Fruit
PrincessBigMac Help Wanted
riceflowers Hippogriffs
Shakespearicles Draw Me Like One of Those Prench Mares
Allegrano Sweetie Belle the Master Chef
OakHearth1235 The golden island
Seer May God Bless Your Soul
AlexandraGamer12 Dear Rainbow Dash Please Stop
TheDriderPony Of Crowns and Colors
MasterThief Bearing Fruit
Donutangel The curse of the pillar tree
DreamerDeceiver Plumbers Don't Wear Ties
JDeck306 Cooking swimmingly
jedi10549 Time Trip
Dakine Art Imitates Life
Tangerine_Blast Children and Kerfuffle Cherries
rockstarRaccoon A Salty Story
wishcometrue At the Bottom
RedParade Someone Out There Loves You
DeltaSierra The Rarest Fruit
LightHeart101 Legend of the Kumquat of Aris
shaslan Featherflit's narrow escape
Limonene Stay at Home
BamBamBamboozle Adventure Log 0X - Debt to Shmecks
MLPRubyRose Tempest's Journey
Coaldust Galena
Athena The battle that never was
starflight360 The Hippogriff Festival Mess-up
Flashgen As Above, So Below
TheLegendaryBillCipher In the Name of Love
Schattendrache Remember
Nana Karma
OneLonelyPickle A Chisler's Tale
Georg War Surplus is Magic
Celefin Juicy Traditions
Moonshot Between Heaven and Earth
SigmasonicX Fruit of Transformation
Obscure Humphrey's Grand Quest
Yoshiegg39 Rarity sees color
TheBlazingOptimist A Natural Remedy
Shasta85 Hippogriff's Star