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Emails with scores have now (2022-09-05) been sent to participants for the 2022 contest. If you did not get yours, please check your spam folder for things coming from If it's still missing, contact me (Xepher) on FIMFiction or email me directly... (my obvious username + Thanks!

Author Story Title
Severith Trouble in the Woods
GFG King And Kin
Dreadnought Whispers in the Shadows
scampy Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss
axxuy The Butterfly Affair
mica2022 Keep Burning
Jyang10 The Great Escape
LockHeart The Great Decorate-Off
batwingcandlewaxxe Friendship Games Fiasco
DavidFosterWalrus Daring Do and the Mareharishi of Mischief
Steady_Gaze Conversation with a Lunar Prisoner
FanOfMostEverything Can't See the Forest
FoalStar2119 Fluttershy and the Water Balloon War
Zealcrown Why Do We Persist
GalaxyTheDragon Canterlot, The one place you should never have a vacation
EmberQuill The Great Guru's Gaffe
Omegathyst Behind the Shadows of Friendship
Admiral_Biscuit Guru Gabby Griffon and the Guerrilla Giraffe Gaffe
boopydoopy The Tasty Attack
DeltaSierra Manehattan Nights
Pipps_Cereal Old habits die hard.
Trail-Grazer The Rise of Captain Equestria Pt. 1
Wanderer A Tale of tails: on a railroad of ridiculousness
MasterThiefEsq The Origin Of a Species
dyxlesicginger Cursed Cupcakes
IgnitedSage West of the Land of Dreams.