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Emails with scores have now (2023-09-04) been sent to participants for the 2023 contest. If you did not get yours, please check your spam folder for things coming from If it's still missing, contact me (Xepher) on FIMFiction or email me directly... (my obvious username + Thanks!

Author Story Title
ShadeWalker The Cabbage Patch
axxuy The Lava Flower
Admiral_Biscuit Tropical Paradise
WandererD Vexing and Vibrant, but not Verdant
DragonSoul No Way but the Hard Way
JackalWackal Carrot Top‘s Mission
SteadyGaze Alador's Wildleaf
UndomeTinwe Lost Harmony
CrescentFeather Snow and Fire
Scribblits Foomph
zontan The Fall of Verdant Hills
algernon97 "I Hate You"
PenStrokePony Fluttershy, Discord, and the Rescue of the Primsmatic Penguins.
SpoonierThanThou Blank Slate
AFanaticRabbit Definitely An Agricultural Problem
EmberQuill Pearlescent
mica2023 Away (Or, how Zephyr Heights came to be.)
IgnitedSage Of Volatile Visions
Summer Fireblossom
Dreadnought Mysterious Island
Jordanis An Active Deceit
EileenSaysHi Dietary Needs
ImmortalMagi It's Volcano Day
R5h Volcanos are our Friends
Caliaponia Bloom Vault
FanOfMostEverything Blue Blazes
Flashgen Lifeblood
Caligari87 Why I can't eat greens anymore
shaslan Flower Wars
SylphanScribe Lavabloom
Wild180 Iron Author Competition 2023 – Glimpses of The Demon
Zealcrown What is a Kirin
darkcyan Mysterious Vines
DubsRewatcher Going Green
FoalStar Saving Ponypeii
ManeEffect Stealing the Stone
AstralMouse Golden Statue
MasterThief Rage
MysticScribe Adventures to a New Land
NovelleTale The Beginning Of
JarvyJared Carcinoma
Regidar A Desperate Dream