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Note: Scores and reviews for Iron Author 2019 have been emailed to all who requested them. If you did not get yours, check your spam filters. The message will be from xepher AT xepher DOT net. Email me (Xepher) at that same address if you still did not recieve yours, or if you have any any questions.

Author Story Title
SuperTrampoline Oh, Weep, Ye Poor Contest Judges, For You Must Suffer the Wrath of the Glimmer the Booper, And Nothing Can Save You From This Sorry Fate. Repent, Repent I say to Ye, For the Hour of Boopening is Near, And None Shall Be Spared From Her Righteous Wrath!
FanOfMostEverything Always Darkest
Hap Uphill for a Pegasus
DrakeyC Extinguished
AppleGothic Old Trees, New Seeds
DwarfTrayknob Twilight in the Pit
MSPiper untitled
Rescue_Sunstreak Faster (A sub story of Ranger)
Cloudhammer Twist of Life
GaraTheAuthor School Reunions
Zealcrown Magical Artifacts, the Purpose, and Equestria
Gamer_km Incidents.
Ruirik I Will Pass This Way Again
pjabrony Rusty Scissors
VermillionProse A Mayor Mare
ScarletRain Tempest’s Shadow
Aquaman The Sum of Our Parts
Kaipony Far Away, and Back Again
CircuitMane Welcome to the Cutie Mark Crusaders: Griffonstone Branch
fourths Damsel in Distress
DragonSoul Big Mac's Orchard Blossoms
RoMS The things we leave behind
CompassRose Empty Teacup
ExcellentTrebuchet In the Future Capper Develops a Lucrative Music Career
Hazard Stripes earned, Scars faded.
Fermat Leitmotif
Dreadnought A Daring Mission
jykinturah Ascension
Carabas Fractal
sonofaskywalker Old Bolt
GiantSpringboard Haiku
Corejo The Next Big Adventure
Georg Your friend, Sweetie Belle
MasterThief Kirin in the City
LoftyWithers Strikingly Trivial
MrExtra If You Like Pina Coladas