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Rarity sees color

by Yoshiegg39

Silverstream busted through the door to Rarity’s class; while yelling “woohoo!” the whole way to her desk.
Gallus, who was sitting next to her, asked “what are you so excited about?”
“It’s only three more days until the radiant fruit festival,” she responded.
“Radiant … fruit?” Gallus began to ask.
“Silverstream, darling,” Rarity interrupted, “I realize you are excited, but it is time for class now, so you may wish to tone it down just a bit.”
“I’m sorry professor Rarity, it’s just, it been so long since the last time we had this festival. I just can’t help but want shout with glee. It’s been so long since I last had one of the radiant fruits!”
Gallus was raising an eyebrow as he tried to figure out what a radiant fruit was.
“Well, this is a class in generosity darling,” Rarity said., “since you are so excited why not tell more about it. I must admit I’m not sure what a radiant fruit is.”
“Oooh,” Silverstream burst with excitement. “The radiant fruit is a special kind of fruit that only known to grow on Mount Aris. They have special magic to them. They’re all only ripe for one day in the whole year. Then they all instantly wither after that day passes. We all hold a special celebration that day where we feast on them before they wither. They’re so good!”
“Why do they call it a radiant fruit?” Rarity asked.
“Oh, didn’t I mention? They are all a different color to everyone who sees them. It’s believed that the color one sees depends on how one feels inside. It even tastes totally different to everyone!” Silverstream pressed her hands to her cheeks. “It’s so exciting to learn how everyone’s experience with it.”

“And that is why you must let me go Twilight!” Rarity pleaded. “It’s simply one of the beautiful celebrations I’ve heard of!”
“But you just heard about it an hour ago,” Twilight said.
“But don’t you see, everyone seeing a different color that matches how they feel! It gives me inspiration for my new line!”
“Doesn’t everything?” Smolder muttered.
Gallus smirked.
“Headmare Twilight, I know it means missing a day or two of school but after being hiding underwater for so long the hippogriffs have missed the last several chances for the festival. I really don’t want miss this one, and I’d love to be able to bring my friends!”
“Do they all want to go?” Twilight asked
“I don’t see why not,” Smolder said.
“Yona love hanging out with friends.”
“Hey, free food,” Gallus said.
Sandbar and Ocellus nodded.
“Well alright then,” Twilight said. “In fact I may go along too, I’m always love to learn about new kinds of magic.”

After arriving at Mount Aris and entering the festival. Silverstream took everyone to where the fruit was growing in harmonizing heights.
“Simply beautiful,” Rarity said taking in the scenery.
“And here they are,” Silverstream said, pointing at the large round fruits hanging off the tress. “I see a nice bright yellow, what do you all see?”
“Wow, they’re all white,” Ocellus said as she pondered it’s meaning.
“Why, they’re all a beautiful royal shade of purple,” Rarity said. “it matches my mane.”
“I see blue,” Twilight said.
“What kind of blue darling?” Rarity asked.
“Uh, a light blue, I guess.”
“Yes, but more specifically,” Rarity asked as she eyed Twilight.
“Uh, I …”
While all this was going on Gallus was preoccupied. He couldn’t find the fruit at all. Even looking right where Silverstream was pointing.
“Here, everyone have a taste,” Silverstream said. She started throwing them towards everyone.
Gallus caught one. He could feel it in his hands, but he still saw absolutely nothing. He tried to take a bite but while he could fell something in his mouth, it had no taste. He started hearing everyone else giving various positive reactions to the fruit as they took a bite. He then looked back at the seeming nothingness in his hand. He sat down on the ground. Thinking about how Silverstream said it reflected the person looking at it.
“Come one everyone, lets go join the festival,” Silverstream said.
“You all go on, I’ll catch up,” Gallus said.

Rarity was trying to sketch out a design idea while everyone else was eating but she felt she couldn’t get it right. Then she had an idea.
“Twilight darling,” she said. “I could use your help for a moment.”
“Of course, Rarity.”
“In order to get this right, I need to be able to see what everyone is seeing.”
“But everyone sees something different with this fruit.”
“But it’s magic darling, surely you can do something to help put some of that magic in here.” She pointed to her own eyes. “Just for a bit.”
“Rarity, I’m not even sure how I would do that.”
“You must try darling, you must. My next line depends on it.” Rarity put her hooves to together as she pleaded with Twilight.”
“Okay, okay,” Twilight said. “Um, here, let me try …” Twilight fired up her magic and shot some of it at one of the fruit. Many of the hippogriffs looked on with confusion. Twilight then absorbed that magic back into her horn and then shot it into Rarity’s eyes. Rarity blinked a few times. “Did it work?” Twilight asked.
Rarity opened her eyes and they were now glowing in a rainbow of colors. “Why yes, I believe it did.” Rarity looked around and could see everyone around her was glowing a different color. All the ones that they said they saw with the fruit, and, she couldn’t explain how, but she could see even more than that. “Why Twilight, you are the most calming shade of turquoise. I can see your intelligence and they way you think though everything.”
“Oh, thank you, … wait, you can see that?”
“Why yes darling, I can also see every time you’ve freaked in your life at the same time, and your coronation and your and your battle with Tirek in every last detail and …” Rarity was beginning to lose control. She could see everything about everyone around her. Somehow, the colors knew everything. “You dropped poor Spikey Wikey down the stairs once when you were younger!”
“What! Hey, it was a total accident, and … how could you even know that!?”
“And you had a pineapple for lunch yesterday,” she was pointing at random people now. “And your cheating on your spouse!” She attempted to cover her mouth after that one as the hippogriff she pointed at was horrified. “I’m sorry, it won’t all stop coming out. I’m learning so many things my mind can’t handle it.” She ran off shortly afterwards.

Gallus was still looking at the nothingness in his hand. Wondering if maybe the fruit was telling him that he didn’t matter. Rarity suddenly appeared gasping for breath.
“You … I’m not getting anything from you,” Rarity said.
“Uh, never mind, I think I’ll stay here for a bit if you don’t mind.”
Gallus shrugged.
“Do you … not see anything?” She pointed to the fruit.
“I … no,” Gallus admitted. “maybe there’s nothing for it show.”
“How can you possibly say that darling?”
“Maybe … I don’t matter.”
“Darling that isn’t true at all.”