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by Nana

“Come on now its just a silly harmless prank.” Grubber went on to the next counter to pay for his lunch as his best friend kept on boasting about his “ultimate” pranking plan. “Well I think it’s a bit too much for a prank. What if we get into trouble Stormy?” Storm King glared at Grubber, “Oh now you’re feeling frightened? What about back then? We’re simply doing what we do best.” Storm King was not ready to back down. He knew that Grubber would like his plan, if only he gave it a chance that is. After a hearty lunch, they headed back to class.
Crash! “Look where you’re going, you fool!” Typical. Storm King and Grubber are the famous bully duos in the school. Its no surprise that they would lose their temper over such small matters. “Ugh. You could at least say you’re sorry,” snapped Spoilt Milk. “It’s bad enough that you both hit my well-maintained hooficures with your filthy furs.” Storm King glared at her as he took another bite from his chocolate bar from the school cafeteria. He was smart enough to know not to mess with her or he could get into huge trouble with one of her lawyers. Spoilt Milk glanced downwards, “Eew. Are you eating chocolate? That’s completely horrendous. Everypony knows that the food worthy enough to be eaten is the Knobbed Russet apple. It has a rough exterior, with creamy insides. Its extremely rare. Only ponies with plenty of bits to spare can afford it. I ate four of it.” She gave them a half-sincere smile before she trotted away. Grubber blurted out in displease, “Sheesh. Talk about snobbish.’’
After a few hours flooding their brain with knowledge they find completely useless, the students of Harmony Tree University began to fill the hallways. They were all excited to head back home for the school holidays just began in order to make way for the upcoming Hearth’s Warming Eve celebration. Everypony except one. Well, one hippogriff to be exact. As the hall started to clear out, a tall and petite silhouette dashed through the school corridor and into the art studio. Silverstream then took out all her art supplies that she so eagerly collected throughout the years and placed them on the table adjacent to the canvas she was about to paint on. As she was passionately moving her paint brush on the canvas by venting out her heart’s desire, a raspy low-toned voice was heard. “Painting? Again? be How expected of you, Silverstream.” Shocked, she jumped to her clawed feet. “Oh! Don’t frightened. We’re here only to give you this sandwich we made you.” Although the talking figure was wearing a black hoodie to make it difficult for her to see its face, she could tell that whoever was behind it, was definitely smiling. She braved herself, “Show yourself and I assure you I will.” Hearing that gives a bit of glee to Storm King who was eavesdropping nearby. “Hurry now. You do want me to eat the sandwich, right?” Reluctantly, the figure pulled down the hoodie revealing the one who was hiding behind it, Garble. “Sorry. It was raining outside and this hoodie is all I got.”
Silverstream sighed in relief, “Oh it’s just you.” Garble chuckled. He said, “Aren’t you supposed to be on your way back to Mount Aris?” Dazed, Silverstream gave a short reply, “Huh?” “I mean I heard that all hippogriffs are supposed to gather at Mount Aris for Hearth’s Warming Eve so Queen Novo can hand out gifts. Its tradition. Or so I heard.” Upon hearing his clarification, Silverstream went on and take a bite of the sandwich Garble generously offered her. “Pfft. Who cares about tradition when I can be hear drawing instead? Besides, traditions are like peer pressure from dead people.” Silverstream then went on to take another bite from the sandwich. Garble stared at her, disbelieved by her respond. He immediately shrugged it off and as he was leaving, he said, “Well, suit yourself then. You got your own problems and I got my own.” The art studio fell into deep silence once again after Garble left. Silverstream reached out for her sandwich but was interrupted by a sharp throb by her throat. She was suffocating. She felt like she was inhaling knives. She scared but confused at the same time. Why is she unable to breathe? Panicked, her only thought was to ask for help but how? With the school closing in an hour or so, there is barely any pony left to seek help from. She felt weak. The whole room was spinning.
She took a glance at the sandwich and the idea of checking the content of the sandwich simply occurred to her. As she split open the sandwich, a familiar stench strucked her nose. Peanut butter. “Silverstream you stupid fool”, she thought to herself. How could it not occur to her just to check the content of the sandwich. She was extremely allergic to peanut butter, everypony knows that. But how can Garble, one of her most trusted friend, had the guts to treat her like this? All of a sudden her legs felt like jelly, she was loosing her balance. Not long after that, she was embraced by the art studio’s cold marble floor. As her head hit the ground, she saw two figures laughing at her, Storm King and Grubber. “I guess they hated me that much to actually play this prank at me” “I guess they didn’t know that my peanut butter allergy was not to be taken lightly” Silverstream kept on making excuses to why they would do such a thing to make her feel better. As she was struggling to keep her eyes open, she finally took her last breath. The darkness welcomed her.
Among the midst of darkness, she saw a light. It felt like the light was pulling her towards its direction with a force so strong nopony could ever resist it. It was like gravity was pulling her that way. When she was approaching the mysterious light, her chest moved up and down so vigorously nonstop. It was clear that she was petrified by the precense of this light. Soon, she passed through it. To her disbelieve, she was somehow brought back to life. Standing in front of her was a gentle looking figure dressed in all white. Without any introduction or even any word being said, the white figure handed her to what it seems is a pill with something engraved on it. Silverstream took the pill. She was hesitant at first but the figure seems to insist her on taking it. As the pill was safely in her hands, the white figure disappeared.
Silverstream took a glance downwards and read the words engraved on the pill. “Karma” Just then, Silverstream knew what she had to do. She grabbed her water bottle located on top of the desk and swallowed the pill given to her without any hesitation stopping her. She knew what the white figure wanted her to do. To let karma do its job and take her revenge on her ex good friend, Garble, along with those two bullies who constantly bullied her just because she beat them at the International Art Competition and that their lost at the contest caused them humiliation for they lost their title as the reigning champion. It may seem extreme but she had never been more confident in her entire life.
The next morning, as Storm King and Grubber was walking down the school corridor to check on her and how their prank succeeded, they were given a shocking welcome just by being face to face with Silversream. Grubber blurted out, “Oh. You’re alive.” Silverstream smiled in awe by the guts they have to actually return to the scene of crime. “Don’t sound so disappointed and don’t worry I won’t say word to anypony. I mean why should I? I’ve got karma on my side.” “Oh and don’t be frightened upon awaiting my revenge. Besides’ its just a harmless prank.”