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Old habits die hard.

by Pipps_Cereal

It was a bright and sunny afternoon and Pipp Petals was just finishing her daily vlog. Today she had a special guest coming to visit her as part of her "Pippsqueak" series. Excited, she headed into the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee before heading down to get ready.
"I wonder what kind of pony is coming to visit? I only know their name: Petunia Paree!" she said to herself, sipping her coffee. She went to her dressing room to put on her best dress, the one she saved for special occasions.
She walked back out into her living room and saw a pegasus peeking in through the window. "Oh, hello there! Come on in," she said. The unicorn stepped inside and Pipp could see that she was wearing a stunning lavender gown. "You look so fancy today!" Pipp exclaimed. "Let me get my phone and start recording!" Pipp pulled out her phone and started the camera app. "Now, tell us your name and why you're here today."
The unicorn looked somewhat embarrassed and replied, "My name is Petunia Paree. I'm here to learn about how to be a virtual star just like you, Pipp!"
"Wow, isn't that awesome everypony?" Pipp said to her viewers. "So, Petunia, where are you from?"
"Well, I'm actually from a small village just outside of Zephyr Heights. And um..." the pegasus faltered, looking a bit flustered.
"Come on, don't be shy. Let's give her some encouragement!" Pipp urged. The pegasus gave a slight smile as she saw the lovely comments fill Pipp's phone screen.
"Ok, my name is Petunia Paree and I was raised from birth to be a guerrilla fighter. But after the truce was signed between the Pegasi, Unicorns, and Earth ponies, I've been trying to figure out what I should do with my life. So...I guess you could say I'm here because I'm lost," the pegasus said. Pipp's froze in place for a moment, unsure of how to respond.
"Oh, how um, lovely? You must have gotten hurt then?" Pipp asked.
"No, it's more like I'm...bored. Bored of war and fighting and all that stuff. Especially war and fighting that never really happened. My parents always taught me to be ready for anything. Well that 'anything' never came and now I feel like I've wasted my life."
"That makes sense to me. What if, instead of preparing for the apocalypse, you tried to prepare for something else?" Pipp suggested.
"What do you mean?"
"Why not try to make the most of your life right now? I mean, we live in a beautiful world and there are so many things to explore and discover. Not to mention all the amazing people to meet along the way. Especially now that we have Unicorns and Earth Ponies to share it with!" Petunia's eyes lit up with excitement.
"Yes exactly! It's just that I have to admit that I'm a bit intimidated by both those Unicorns and Pegasi. I've heard they're very different from us Pegasi and that makes me nervous," Petunia admitted. "Especially after being taught to attack on sight, I don't wanna get my feathers ruffled over nothing."
"Oh, it's not like that at all!" Pipp assured her. "They're great ponies and I think you would like them. They're super nice, which is why I invited them over to hang out with us!" Petunia's eyes widened with fear.
"You did what?!?" she gasped.
"I have my special friends Izzy and Sunny coming over for tea and cake soon too. We're gonna have a party, just like old times!" Pipp explained. Petunia started to panic.
"I've never met an Earth Pony or Unicorn before! How am I supposed to act around them?" she wailed.
"Oh, stop worrying. They're nice ponies and besides, I'll be right there next to you the whole time to make sure everything goes ok!" Pipp assured placing her arm around the young pegasus. Suddenly the doorbell rang and Petunia jumped.
"Who's that?!" she cried.
"Don't worry, it's only Izzy and Sunny! Now go answer the door and give them a warm welcome!" Pipp instructed. Pentunia gulped and opened the door. "Um, hi!" she stammered. Outside stood an orange Earth Pony who greeted her with a smile.
"Hi there!" she said with a friendly wave. "I'm Sunny, you must be our special guest! Welcome!"
"O-okay," Petunia replied nervously.
Sunny walked in and gave Petunia a hug.
"Wow, she's so nice and she smells like flowers," Petunia whispered as she hugged her back.
"Aww, see. Earth Ponies aren't scary at all!" said Pipp as she watched the two exchange introductions. Then she turned to the camera and said, "Now we're just waiting on our last guest, Izzy!" Sunny's ears popped up.
"That's right! Izzy was right behind me, I wonder where she went?" Sunny said looking around. Suddenly a unicorn busted through the window.
"Ah! A unicorn!" Petunia shrieked.
"Hello everypony! Izzy Moonbow is here to-" The unicorn was cut off by Petunia throwing a potted plant at her face. The pot shattering into pieces sening dirt flying everywhere. The blue haired unicorn lay motionless, covered in dirt and flowers. Sunny ran over to help her unconscious friend.
"Oh, no! I'm so sorry!" Petunia yelled.
"Alrighty then, well, that's all folks!" Pipp announced.