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Tempest's Journey

by MLPRubyRose

It was always bright and sunny where I lived. Except for the occasional sprinkle of rain. There was trees, shrubs, flowers; an abundance of plants. Everyone who lived here was kind. One day, with my two unicorn friends, we decided to play some ball. After a little while, we ran on a dirt path, gravel strewn about it. Glitter Drops tossed the ball to me and I missed catching it. It rolled into a dark and terrifying cave. I didn't want to look scared in front of my friends, so I took on a brave face and walked into the cave. A few steps in, and there the ball was. But that wasn't the only thing in the cave. As soon as I'd retrieved the ball, I heard a growl coming from behind me as I turned to leave. I turned right back around fast to see a clawed paw of a Ursa Minor coming at me. It took a few seconds for me to feel the scar; and the broken horn. I screamed and ran from the cave, straight past my friends, who followed me. We ran back home. After a few days of healing salve on my scar and worrying about my horn, I wanted to visit my friends for the day. We went outside to play ball again, but no matter how hard I tried, my magic wouldn't work the same. My so called friends left me. I was heartbroken. They were supposed to be my friends! I walked out of town and then, I started running. Running from pain, running from them, running from my old life. I just kept running until I had to stop. I sat on a rock next to a lake with green trees surrounding it. As I sat down, I heard a large crack of thunder and saw a dark, black cloud. As black could ever be. Out emerged an air ship with a strange symbol that looked familiar. I didn't know what to think after the clap of thunder. I ran to a hiding spot and looked out to the ship that lowered itself to the ground. A ramp fell and strange creatures stepped out of the ship. They were furry, with a black mask on, and had piercing blue eyes that could just about haunt you. One such creature was walking towards my hiding spot and I scrambled farther away. This creature heard that and just about found me. I held my breath until the creature left. I let the air out from me, and that's when a clawed paw grabs me and pulls me out from the hiding place. I scream in fear as I'm pulled away. "Hey, guys! Look what I found here," the creature yelled. All of the other creatures came over and looked at me. "It's a little pony filly; and her horn's broken too!" one exclaimed. "What should we do with her? We can't leave her here. She'll go back to where she came from and warn the others of her kind," another said. From behind the beast holding me came a hardened voice, owned by the biggest, strongest of the beasts. "We'll have to take her with us." I tried to scramble out of the arms of this creature and successfully escape by running, but not before I was captured again. I was taken aboard the ship and placed in a cell. "Where are you taking me?! Let me out of here! Let me out!" I screamed. The leader, the one with the hardened voice, laughed and said, "Why, you're going to meet the King. The Storm King." Now I knew why the symbol looked familiar. I saw it in a book and it told me what it stood for. The Storm King, a tyrant looking for any source of power, only King by terrible deeds done in the past. I was frantic to get out. "Let me out of this cage!" "Oh, I will. When we get there," the leader said. After a few days of screaming and shouting, my voice had left me. Two days afterwards, we had arrived to the Storm King's castle. It was surrounded by dark clouds, like the one the ship had come through. Over to the left, there were ports for the ships to dock. On the right was the castle, towering above the clouds almost. It too, was dark, but not as dark as those clouds. The castle was shaped with spikes and black gems. We docked at the ports and I, along with my cage, were transported to the castle. The doors opened with a groaning creak, and the sound echoed inside. The doors closed as I focused on the Storm King. He had a staff with a sliver of blue stone in the middle he was holding in his claws while sitting in a black throne. "Well, if it isn't a cute little pony with a chipped horn. Ugh, I hate cute!", exclaimed the King. " What were you doing on Storm King territory?" I was so confused on this King's behavior that I didn't answer straight away. "Answer me!" I was taken aback by this, but I answered, " l didn't know it was your territory. I'm sorry." " Sorry gets you nowhere here," scoffed the King. " To the dungeon then." "No! I'm not going there!", I shouted, for I knew from the same book the dungeons were horrible. " You most certainly are! Take her away!" "NO!" I was so angry at him for taking me away from my home, even if I'd run away from it. I charged my horn and was able to break free of the cage I was in. Several of the beasts charged at me, but I quickly outmaneuvered them and was almost at the door before I was stopped suddenly by the King with the staff. "It seems I've misjudged you. Only a few can get past my guards like that. Tell you what I'll give you a deal. You can work for me as a servant, or you can serve me as a commander and possibly retain that horn of yours again. I believe I have something to fix that." " You do?" I asked incredulously, for I thought I'd never be able to do regular magic again. "Oh yes, but it's your choice. Either be for me, or against me; and trust me. You don't want you against me." He had said that last bit menacingly. I had no choice. Not survive in a dungeon, or survive and possibly get my horn back. It also meant I'd be working for him. "I...I choose the commander." " Wonderful! You can start training today," the King said smiling. "You'll be trained with a class in an hour. Don't be late." I was escorted to a room scarcely full of furniture. There was a bookshelf on the left, a desk at the back and a chair with it, and a bed and a candlestick to the right, and a bathroom at the corner. I thought and thought about how the day had gone so far that the hour was up before I knew it. I was escorted to the class and then we began training. While I was working on laps, a smaller creature than the others in the class was also running laps. Well, he was more trying to run than actually running. I slowed a bit to catch my breath and he runs next to me. "Hi. I'm Grubber. What's your name?" he says. I've caught my breath by then and run faster. "Oh. Ok, then. See you later!" he calls after me. After the class, I noticed it took the entire evening. I was tired and hungry by then. There was a few benches for the class to sit at. I grab a tray and give it to the creature serving the food here. It looks horrible! "I can't eat this! This is pig food!" I am disgusted by this thing they call food here. The server says, with little patience, " You're going to eat it and like it!" Still fuming, I walk away from the serving place and sat down at an empty bench. After a few minutes, Grubber comes over and sits by me. I move off a foot as I don't want to talk. "Work outs hard huh? That's ok. I've only been there for a few months," Grubber says. Now I'm kinda lonely and don't want to admit it, but that comment started an acquaintance that would last for a while. It's interesting. To look back at those memories. After months of hard work, I had achieved Commander. Everyone knew me as Commander Tempest Shadow. I was no longer Fizzypop Berrytwist, for that wasn't who I was anymore. I was strong, skilled in fighting with hooves instead of magic. Today was going to be great. Today it is time we take the magic wasted on parties and use them for better things. As I loaded the ship with Grubber behind me, I looked at the castle and thought "This place is better than all of the other cities combined. Why waste magic on parties when you can use it for power?" We soon arrived at Canterlot to take down the Princesses and take their magic. We crushed a few columns and set the ship down. Grubber went ahead and announced who we served and who the Commander was. "Put your hooves together for Commander Tempest!" I heard the gasps, but I paid no attention to it. Princess Celestia asked me, "What do you want?" "Hmm, how about you're complete and total surrender?", I asked. "Never!" Celestia yelled. I laugh and say, "I was hoping you'd choose the hard way, Celestia." I get my stone orb and kick it at Celestia and as dear Cadence tries to stop it, I think, "What a perfect party to ruin," then I laugh. "Let the Storm rain, for it is powerful than any of you!" The End.