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Adventure Log 0X - Debt to Shmecks

by BamBamBamboozle

Day 1

Mr. Shmecks decided to ask me to go on this “mysterious and dangerous” quest to the hippogriffs. I don’t know anything about them, nor does anyone else, really, but I’m sure this will be easy. No one has been to Mount Aris ever, really. So, apparently, it takes a rich fine artist who wants a very specific and odd fruit that I’m not even sure is real to send me to the home of the hippogriffs and retrieve it, and it just so happens I’m the first one to go there in moons. Could you believe it?

This is the start of my log for this journey, like I do for all my other expeditions. I’ve packed my gear; food, water, medicine, a book to read on the train, and other supplies I can’t be bothered to list. Train leaves tomorrow.

Day 2

Got on the train. Can’t be bothered to read. All I have to identify Shmecks’ fruit is yellow, irregularly shaped, smells sweet, and is something I’ve never seen before. Now, I may have seen a lot of things, but I’m sure there might be more than one thing that matches this description.

You think hippogriffs are similar in attitude to griffons?

Day 3

Got off my stop, apparently there is no train straight to Mount Aris. I’ll have to get there by foot, and maybe flight, if I can lift all my gear with me. Hiked a bit, nothing too rough so far. Set up camp.

Day 7

Couldn’t be bothered to log the previous days, decided to just write once I got within view of Mount Aris. Untamed forest, winding paths, wild animals, standard wilderness trek stuff. Had to fly over a creek, and it was nooot (three o’s) fun to fly with all this gear. It doesn’t help that shortly after I had to flee from, I think a wolf? Something that made me panicked. Maybe it was a bunny and I was just spooked. What matters is either it nipped my left wing, or it got nipped on plant life while I fled. I’ll make the final walk tomorrow and camp out early tonight.

Things have been easy peasy, just like I said. Couldn’t Mr. Shmecks found someone else to do this? I guess I do owe him this favor…

Day 8

Woke up to the sound of something walking. Figured it was a hippogriff. Figured right. Introduced myself. They got spooked and flew.

Might be best to stay low on this one.

part 2

Seems search party is out for me and their not happy Slinked through into the city dodging through allies, life is moving slowly here today thankfully. writing in haste need to keep my wits out

Part 3

Bad news; it seems a hippogriff caught me. I am currently inside their locked basement. Okay, maybe I wasn’t the sneakiest because it’s hard to hide when you don’t blend in anywhere. The good news? Her name is, well, I forgot. The important part is that she seems to be the only one who doesn’t mind ponies. Got some time to write this while she’s still upstairs. Pray for me.

Day 9 Morning

Spent the rest of yesterday talking with a very curious hippogriff. Very nice. Learned a lot about the hippogriffs. I might be obligated to sit down and write a book! I shared basic knowledge of life for ponies, and I got to learn a tedious amount of history and culture here- which I basically all ignored and blanked out while she explained things to me. Maybe this is a start of a new friendship, who knows?

Oh, and she promised to help me. Maybe hippogriffs can see ponies aren’t so bad.

Day 9 Evening

Apparently those “rare odd fruits” Shmecks wanted is, well, not well described I guess. Apparently there are about 3 fruits that came to mind to Sheela (the hippogriffs name). Grabbed the one that was most “odd shaped” and that was that. Very nice hippogriff, not a very long interaction. Things could have gotten bad quickly if some other griff tried to capture me. Huh.

Day 10

Spent the night with Sheela. Apparently I need to stay a lot longer and talk to other hippogriffs. Hopefully I don’t turn into a zoo animal.

Day 13

FINALLY got the opportunity to make my way back home. Got the fruit, got many new friendships, and quite possibly started a start for new relations between ponies and hippogriffs. Maybe I’ll meet the princess herself. Couldn’t be bothered writing down the days spent with the hippgriffs, very tiring. I’ll conclude this log when I get back home.

Day 17

Took longer than expected to get back to Shmecks. Half a month for this mission, boy am I pooped. Shmecks plans to use this fruit as a centerpiece to flaunt his wealth, and maybe paint it once or thrice. Guess this is the price you pay when someone gets you out of big trouble.

I was on the run, and through multiple chase scenes and meets with shady art auctions got me out of that. Do not mess with The Brew's Guards. Mostly Shmecks is the one who helped me but- there I go, rewriting what I already have in a different log.

Cleared my debt with Shmecks and possibly started new bonds between the griffs and ponies. What a ride.

Day 18

I know my mission is over but damn I missed out a lot. I really am lazy. Eh, if anyone is reading this, use your imagination to fill in the blanks.

A very important detail I feel I am obligated to add to this journal; Hippogriffs are going to try and “communicate and connect” with us ponies. I’ll be glad if they don’t kill the princesses with questions. Very talkative bunch they are.

That’s this logged finish, done. I await the next journey.