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Cursed Cupcakes

by dyxlesicginger

Sunny Starscout watched her cupcake batter spin in the bowl, ladle in her hoof.
"What'cha doing, Sunny?" Izzy asked, bouncing over into the kitchen. Before Sunny could reply, Izzy stuck her big nose over the bowl and took a giant sniff.
"Mmmmm! That smells delicious, Sunny! What are you making?"
"Well, I'm making some cupcakes for the schools bake sale! With these cupcakes, they should be able to raise enough funds to send out a clean-up team to the old Canterlot ruins. Then the foals will be able to take field trips there and learn more about their combined pony history!"
"That sounds great, Sunny!" Izzy exclaimed before stuffing her front hoof into her mouth and sucking intently.
Sunny seemed puzzled until she looked down and saw a hunk of batter missing from her bowl.
"Izzy! My batter! I had just gotten everything to settle!"
Izzy shrugged.
"Sorry. I couldn't help it. You did a great job though. If I had been a paying customer, I'd definitely be slapping my credit card down for more!"
"That's great, Izzy... but now I need to restart the process," Sunny sighed as she went to the fridge from more ingredients. When she returned to her bowl, less than a quarter remained.
"I-Izzy!" Starscout stammered, starting to get frustrated. "Now there's barely any left!"
"I can fix that!" Izzy exclaimed before sticking her face into the bowl and devouring the rest of the dough.
"Ta-daaaah!" Izzy trumpeted proudly before licking the powdered sugar off her lips.
"Ugh! Fucking hell!" Sunny yelled, throwing the empty bowl against the wall, causing it to shatter into hundreds of tiny pieces.
"Hey, douche nozzles! Who down there is demonetizing my stream!" Pipp yelled from the upper floor. "If you need to drop some dirty words, you need to use the ponygram approved list:
Buttwipe, Corn Nuts, Dagnabbit, Sugar Cube, Lillyweed..."
"Psssht! No one is demonetizing your stream Pipp because you're a shitty artist! And I mean that both figuratively and literally!" Sunny yelled back.
Pipp screamed into her throat before trotting back to her room.
"Look at this mess!" Sunny said as she stormed around the kitchen. "Now I have to clean this up AND make new cupcakes."
"Wow, that sounds like a personal problem... bye!" Izzy replied and she trots away merrily.
Sunny began to have a mental breakdown in the kitchen, neighing loudly as she bucked anything she could get her hind hooves on.
"Hey Sunny, could you make a sandwich?" Hitch asked while entering the kitchen. Instead of a sandwich, Hitch caught Sunny's back hoof to the face, KO'ing him instantly. He body slumped onto the floor, releasing a torrent of matter onto the floor that encapulated the shit show that Sunny's life had become.
Just as Sunny's sight had become hazzy from rage, a voice echoed in her mind.
"Oh dear, things seem to be a bit of the rails, don't they?"
"Discord? Why are you here?"
"I'm always aware of the balance of chaos in Equestria. Your friend's cupcake stealing incident is having a ripple effect in the cosmos." Discord explained.
"I've lost control of my own life. How do I get it back?" Sunny wondered.
"You want me to teach you how to prevent Izzy from stealing your cupcakes?"
Sunny nodded.
"How do I use my magic to keep Izzy from taking my cupcakes?"
"It's simple. Use this."
Discord handed Sunny a scroll.
"This is a spell that will stop Izzy from ever touching your cupcakes again. All you have to do is speak it aloud before she tries to steal another cupcake from your kitchen."
"Hey Sunny! Still making cupcakes?"
"Yay!" Izzy yelled as her hoof went for the batter mix.
Sunny smiled a wry smile as she lifted the magic scroll and spoke the magic spell:
"Izzy Moonbow is stopped from stealing Sunny Starscout's cupcakes!"
With a flash, Izzy levitated in the air, unable to move or breathe. Her eyes rolled back into her skull as she fell unconscious upon impact to the counter top.
"Ta-da." Sunny said with a laugh.
"Thanks, Discord."