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The curse of the pillar tree

by Donutangel

Oakwood silently peered from the cracks under the bleachers, he had known this place this whole life, he had to. He could still remember tasting the salt, a “prank” from his brother of course. He peered through the bleachers once more. His older brother was coming near him, a scowl etched onto his face. With a high yelp oakwood scrambled and ran for the shore.
He had known the shore his whole life, he would like to sit down and ripple the water, talking to it in a calm voice. He knew the water could never talk back. He knew his brother thought he was crazy. But he did not care.
But alas on the way to the shore his hoofs stumbled and he fell headfirst into the ocean.
“It was funny how slow falling can be,” he mumbled wearily to himself, “ yet I have nothing much to remember…”
Suddenly a piercing cold came over his shoulder. He thrashed trying to get away but the creature pulled him into the waves.
Once her was underwater he spun slowly around and glared at the creature, “ What the hay-”
He stopped short.
He can breath underwater?!?
He turned back to the creature, even though he was cold underwater he felt his cheeks flush with embarrassment, “ Thank you for saving me sir.”
“ Sir,” the voice repeated with a squeaky chuckle, “ first time I have been called that!”
The creature swam forward and he gasped, she was gorgeous.
A white seapony quietly swam toward him, her small white scales reflected multiple colors, bringing out her soft teal eyes.
“ Wh-who are you,” he stammered, his pulse getting a bit faster.
“ My name is Mapleblaze, former warrior of the hippogryphs, and you are a prisoner, come with me,” she ordered, tugging his pale grey coat with her spear.
Mapleblaze did not know what she was doing, hippogriphs were supposed to be fierce, no mercy, so why did she feel a tug of guilt and...something else when she saw his face, afraid but determined. She fastened on her coral helmet slightly tighter, trying to hide the deep blush on her face.
In the corner of her eye she saw the empty prison. It was shrouded with silence. She winced and sharply turned the other direchoin. Her eyes darted around. Breaking the hippoean code could shroud her in the cave of darkness. She shivered. She Had been near the cave once. The piercing buzzing noise filled her skull with pain, staying in that cave...she did not want to think about it. She could not do that to him too. She knew where to go instead.
Silently the two swam slowly through the cove until they made it to the pillar tree.
Oakwood stopped short and rubbed his eyes, wondering if he saw it right,
The tree had a blue trunk, dropping from the branches was a single fruit. It was in the shape of a thin flower the edges of its sides dulled into a deep blue. Mapleblaze silently took the fruit into her hoofs her eyes were glazed with pain.
“ What is wrong,” said Oakheart slowly. He looked down at his hoofs afraid of the answer.
Mapleblaze split the fruit in half, “ one shall grant a wish, the other shall lose one”
Mapleblaze silently gave him the lighter side of the fruit, “ This will bring you back home, just wish it and it will take you there.
Oakheart shook his head, “No Mapleblaze, I want to be with you.”
Oakheart bit into the fruit and his bottom hooves slowly formed together, and his soft muzzle hardened into a beak, he was now a hippogriff.
Mapleshade dropped the darker part of the fruit and together they lived a new life as the best warriors in Queen Novo’s army today. Together.
The end