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The golden island

by OakHearth1235

"The old legends tell of an ancient island, far into the southern sea. supposedly, on this island there grows a tree of golden apples. I will find this tree, and become the richest Hippogriff in all of Equestria"
"Sir, you've told me this at least twenty times now"
Captain Coldbeak had been rambling about the golden apples, supposedly for his entire life. Silverfeather had been warned off from joining him on his voyage, but noooo she had to join, she just had to ignore her friends at the docks "don't listen to him" they said "he's old and crazy" they said.
Well, it's looking like they were right.
"Of course I have, Private, You need to know these thing" says Coldbeak, pulling Silverfeather out of her ruminations.
"yes sir.."
"Besides, If this new map is anything to go by, We should be nearing the Island anytime now"
"New? map, sir" Silverfeather had only been on this ship for a week or so, but if what little of the captain she had seen was accurate. He was one of the most gullible, and easily excitable 'Griffs she had ever met.
"Of course it's a new map, the old one was fake", Coldbeak suddenly spins around shoving his heavily cracked beak into Silverfeather's more pristine one.
"But this one should work , The pony merchant who sold it to me said so, and you know you can always trust those ponies!"
"sure, sir, sure." Silverfeather started to back away from the old captain, "maybe we should go to the hold, and, uh" she started darting her head around, before spotting an apple rolling around on deck. "Check on the food stores, yeah", "gotta, make sure that nothing's gotten into the grain"
Silverfeather turns to start down into the hold when Coldbeak suddenly stops "WAIT", he shoots over to the railing on the side of the ship."Private Silverfeather!" "Look, We're Here" Coldbeak starts to rush around the ship, getting things ready to anchor "Private run up the sails, we're going to anchor offshore and ferry to the Island"
"...What, the, fluff", Silverfeather slowly turns around and walks over to the railing. "It's real?"
"Private, The sails! Get on it" shouts the captain from the stern of the ship. "Right, Gotta go.. run up the sails, so we can land on a magical island.."
The landing went smoothly, even lowering the ferry's went easily, paddling to the shore, quick and silent.
Things only started to go wrong when they actually reached the shore. "sir, I think maybe we should take this slowly, maybe it's not the island of the golden apples"
"Nonsense, of course its the island, the map led us here", "okay sir, if you say so" Silverfeather decided to focus on tying up the outriggers to a nearby tree.
"Listen up Private, We're looking for a cave facing north, and a stand of oak trees where they should never grow, still not sure what that one means, But Look for it"
"Okay sir, I'll.. do that"
As the two of them set out onto the island, neither of them notice the tan Pegasus following them from afar.
"Who are those two Hippogriffs? No matter, I need to get to that tree before them" "I can only hope they don't work for Caballeron."
Daring Doo sets out quickly, flying through the canopy, avoiding the two mysterious Hippogriffs, and making her way to the center of the island.
"so Private, what are you going to do with your share of the apples?"
"...My share sir?" Silverfeather slowly comes to a stop, and starts to look down.
"of course your share! You've been extremely helpful in my endeavor"
"I really haven't sir"
"you absolutely have Silver, now, what are you going to do with you share of the apples"
"I think, I think I'll probably move back home, maybe send my little brother to that friendship school in equestria."
"that sounds wonderful, now, I believe we're here" Silverfeather looks up to see a massive, gaping opening in the side of a cliff.
"woah, where did that come from?"
Coldbeak turns to silverfeather confused "what do you mean? we've been walking towards this the whole time"
"no matter, The tree should be inside" as Coldbeak turns to step ino the cave, he's startled by a sudden shout from the trees.
"Step away from that cave right now!" Daring Doo shoots down from the canopy landing in front of the two hippogriffs.
"You're not going to take that tree to Caballeron If I have anything to say about It!"
"...Who?" questions Coldbeak and Silverfeather simultaneously.
Daring Doo relaxes from her battle stance "Caballeron, you know, the stallion who hired you to find this tree."
"nope, never heard of him before"
"oh", Daring Doo blushes "so, neither of you were sent here by Caballeron"
Silverfeather suddenly pops up, "Oh my Goodness!, You're Daring Doo!"
"you're really Real!"
Daring Doo starts to back up, "oh you're a fan huh"
"yeah, my friend in Equestria sent me all of your books."
Silverfeather starts to rummage around in her bag. "I think I have one on me, can you sign it?"
"um, no, are you two here for the golden apples?"
Coldbeak steps forward into an elaborate bow
"Captain Coldbeak at your service, and yes, we are here for the Golden apples, could you please step out of our way so we might access them"
Daring Doo starts sweating a little bit, "..noo?, I have too get these to a meuseam, so no one can steal any more apples from the island."
Silverfeather pops out of her bag frowning "Isn't that also just stealing the apples?"