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Hippogriff's Star

by Shasta85

Amber elaving runs towards the huge castle in the distance, its purple crystals glowing in the morning sun. she ran with all her might, panting hard as she pushed herself to go faster, her legs were tired and she was exhausted. but as much as she wanted to stop she knew she couldn't, if she stopped then more time would be wasted, and time was of the essence.

she forces herself up the stairs and busts through the castle doors, she pants standing for a moment before running again to make her way to the castle's meeting room. as she made her way closer she could hear laughter from a few ponies. when she saw the table and a group of ponies sitting around it she could feel the worry lift from her shoulders a little. but she still felt like she couldn't breathe from the weight of it.

"princess!" she yells running into the room, all sounds stop and every one of the ponies in the room looks at the new arrival, a pony with a multi-colored main, pink coat and red-tipped wings that looked injured "help! i... I need... help" she pants out her words.
twilight looks at this new pony she never met before, but considering the other ponies rush she knew that whatever she had to say was important "yes? what is it" she spoke standing up and making her way over to the pony "the Hippogriff's they need help. they sent me as a messenger and as you're guide" she spoke before reaching for her saddle-bag, grabbing out a paper and laying it out on the magic table. the all the ponies look at the paper, it was a map to an ancient plant that most forgot even existed "its a map, but to where?" rainbow dash asks, eyebrow raised "to chumbera island where you'll find the star apple, you see it has special healing properties, and magical when in the right hands. there magic crystals, the ones the allow them to go from fish form and back? there losing magic. and if they don't get it back soon, then the crystals will be useless, and we won't be able to fix them"

"oh dear," Fluttershy mutters softly "well we have to help" applejack spoke standing up walking over to the other 2, the rest following suit. twilight began to pace, muttering to herself "star apple, star apple" she uses her magic to teleport a book to her, she flips through it to a page about the fruit "the star apple: a delicious treat and healing/magic carrier. it can restore the magic in any amulet but requires the magic of an alicorn" she read, starting to feel a little nervous "how much time do we have?" rarity asks the new pony "until sundown, any later and we won't be able to restore the magic" she spoke "then it's decided then, let's begin" twilight says grabbing the map. the new amber nods "good, follow me. i know i fast way to get there" she spoke before running out of the room, the 6 ponies following behind.

after a short run, they found themselves on top of a mountain, not very high but they could see all of ponyville from there. rainbow dash looks around seeing a giant thing with a tarp over it "uh.. whats this?" rainbow asks flying up to. amber chuckles "this, is how we are getting to chumbera island" she spoke before grabbing the tarp pulling it off to reveal something the ponies never really seen before. it was a plane, it had enough room for the 6 ponies and a pilot "you know those little RC planes that fillies fly around? this is the same thing but on a much larger scale. my dad helped me build her" amber smiles at the fond memory with her dad. she chuckles before getting in and sitting in the pilot seat "let's go!" she spoke not giving the other ponies a chance to speak or object to the new mode of transportation.

the 6 ponies sit in their seats and put on seatbelts. amber puts on a pair of goggles before starting the engine. the blades on the front of the plane spinning, the 6 ponies look at one another with nervous glances but before they knew it they were in the air. flying .

the trip was long, and in the time it took them to travel to chumbera island they ponies fully introduced themselves to amber.
amber soon lands the plane on a beach, she kills the motor and gets out of the plane, the other ponies follow suit, fluttershy shaking a little. twilight grabs out the map laying it down for all of them to see "okay, so we're right here" she says pointing to the beach of the island on the map "we need to get to the base of that mountain quickly, it's already past noon so we better get walking" "right" the other ponies agreed. so they set off making their way through the tangled vines of the forest. amber cutting through the vines with her machete that she always kept in a hidden compartment in the plane. as they walk in silence behind amber they could hear movement in the distance.

all the ponies stopped, not moving so they could listen, fluttershy's heart was racing, she was terrified. next thing she knew she was being dragged away by a vine, she screams as she was being drugged away. she paws at the ground trying to get away from it but couldn't. "hold on fluttershy!" rainbow yells grabbing her friend's hooves and pulling as hard as she could. but a vine grabbed her too "no!" rainbow yelled. amber runs over, using her machete to cut the vines off of them. but only seconds after more vines attacked. knocking the machete out of her mouth then knocking her to the ground. twilight tried to fend off any vines that attacked her, and her friends but there were so many. one by one her friends were gone. even amber being drug into the forest.

twilight pants with a little bit of a shake in the knee's. she looks around her to see if any other plants were attacking when she saw the map had fallen she quickly grabs it, looks it over before running to her destination. tears were falling down her cheeks as she ran. she needed to find her friends. but she also needed to get fruit to help the Hippogriff's. she kept running, she closes her eyes for a moment, but in the moment she fell into a hole, she screams as she fell forgetting she had wings to save her. her hair flew around her as she fell, she expected to hit the ground with the thud. but when she was suddenly surrounded by water she felt confused. where was she?

she swims up taking a breath when her head got above the water, she groans feeling the water that went up her nose but there was no time to focus on that. there was a mini island underground surrounded by water. she swims over to it and she gasped at what beauty she saw. it was a tree with what they were looking for hanging off it. she smiles picking one of the apples from the tree. she looks at the fruit for a moment admiring it before putting it in her own saddlebag. she picks more just in case "one task done, now to find my friends" she spoke to herself confidently.

she began to fly out of the hole she fell into until an idea stroked her mind. she looks back at the tree one more time before flying out. she flew high above the big island and flew back to plane on the beach, she looks at the plane a moment before grabbing one of the fruits out of her bag. she sits down looking at the fruit as she concentrated her magic on the fruit and what she wanted it to do. she closes her eyes as the star apple begins floating in the air, and soon the apple turned into a stream of purple magic, it sparkled under the sun as it made floated around in the air. it began circling one spot on the beach before forming a ball of magic. and when that magic faded away there stood her friends. pinkie laughed with a snort when she saw twilight "hey twilight, what took you so long?" she says bouncing over to her friend, twilight smiles brightly when she saw her friends "I'm sorry girls, I had to get to the fruit" applejack chuckles "it's okay twilight, were safe now" aj says before hugging her alicorn friend, the rest of the ponies joining in with a smile. amber smiles watching the sight before her, but when she saw how low the sun was getting she began making her way back to her plane "I hate to break up the happy moment but if you want to be there on time we need to leave now" amber spoke breaking up the group hug. the 6 ponies nod and got back on the plane, Fluttershy with a little reluctance. as they flew to the Hippogriff's home the ponies new everything was going to be fine, they had more than enough time to get there before time ran out. twilight looked at the fruit in her bag, the other ponies looking at the purple fruit as well. twilight looks at her friends "the Hippogriff's are going to be fine"