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Canterlot, The one place you should never have a vacation

by GalaxyTheDragon

"Whaddya mean ah can't fight em'?" A tan pegasus with an orange and red mane and tail asked, using the binoculars to see the odd bug ponies. He had a thick Southern accent. They had been behind this bush for the last ten minutes, and the pegasus was bored...and annoyed.
This was supposed to be a nice relaxing trip into Canterlot. But no, of course Canterlot had to be attacked by bug ponies.
It was almost enough to make him groan with annoyance. He hated the fact that Equestria had to be attacked anytime something was planned. He and Flint were there for the wedding as well, Which brought up the question of whether or not it was happening.
"Not right now. We have to wait until the right moment." His grey earth pony buddy, named Flint, said, snagging the binoculars from the pegasus. He had a southern accent, but not nearly as thick or pronounced. Flint's ears folded back as he looked through the device.
"Awww come on, why can't ah?"
"Because you're gonna get yourself hurt, Ash, that's why." Flint said with a 'no nonsense' tone.
"That's stupid. Ah won't get hurt! Ah mean, come on, they're just bug…ponies!" Ash said, throwing up a hoof in frustration.
"They aren't just bugs. They're changelings. They can look like me, or they can look like you. We can't take them on yet."
"The answer is no."
Ash sighed, and rolled his eyes. "Suit yerself."
Several moments passed before Flint broke the silence.
"There's too many. No way we can take them on. Let's sneak this way. I'm sure we can find somepony who can help. We can't fight all of em' on our own, that's for certain."
The two ponies silently trotted between buildings, avoiding changelings left, right, and center.
Ash turned his head to see a purple unicorn pony protecting a small filly, named Dinky.
Before Ash could do anything, a grey, crooked eyed pegasus with a yellow mane and tail blocked the changelings' way. Her stance was defiant and protective.
Ash had never seen the pegasus with that expression. She had a 'I dare you' kind of face. Even with her eyes, the expression still delivered its message.
"She can handle it Ash, come on." Flint said, nodding his head in the direction of an alleyway.
Several pegasus guerilla soldiers tried sneak attacking the changelings, but one ended up being an imposter himself, and turning against the others, resulting in a failed attack.
"Ya sure we can find anypony? They took out an entire set of Celestia's guards, ah doubt we can find anypony else." Ash asked.
"I don't know, I sure hope so. There's several ponies who can fight, and we need all of em'."
The two ended up in a small city square, where various ponies were sent in different directions to fight the changelings. Surprisingly, Octavia was the one leading the charge.
"We need more power here, take this road."
"You're leading the charge?" Flint asked her as Ash stayed behind Flint.
"Oh, yes. I can fight, and I'm an alright strategizer. I may be a music "guru", but I have other talents as well. You know the saying."
[i] A jack of all trades is a master of none, but better than a master of one…
Ash thought, wondering if that was the one she meant.
"You two will come with me, we'll be heading to the city center." Octavia said, indicating with her hoof to follow.
Ash, Flint, and Octavia trotted to the center of the city, where changelings ran rampant. Several ponies ran away, screaming, as they watched whom they thought to be friends, turn into horrifying changelings.
Octavia saw a small family about to get attacked. She leapt into the action, and stood with her hind legs as she fought off the changeling.
Ash and Flint jumped in. Ash used his wings to fight off the flying changelings, as Flint used his strength to knock out the ones on the ground.
Octavia grabbed a table and used it to block the other changeling's attacks and rolled it, using it as a makeshift weapon.
A grey pegasus with two tones in her wings and purple/pink hair zipped past, attacking some changelings after a filly, before helping the little one escape.
Ash had a particularly difficult changeling on his tail. He tries zig-zagging, but the changeling stayed right behind him. He dove up and down, and soon, he was out of Flint's sight.
[i] That's fine, ah can do this on mah own. Flint can handle himself, why can't ah?
The changeling refused to mess up, even once.
"Just get off mah tail!" Ash scowled as he zipped into another street. His eyes widened with horror as he tried to fly backwards, stalling in midair, but it was too late. "GAH!" He yelled as he felt rough fabric close around him.
He'd been caught. He tried bucking the potato sack as a changeling carried him through the air, but despite his efforts, Ash couldn't escape. Even if he could get the changeling to let go, he would go tumbling to the ground, and there was no telling how high up he was.
[i]What if ah can holler. Maybe Flint'll hear me.
Ash's voice cut off when the changeling caused his head to hit a sign. Dots creeped to the edges of his vision as he lost focus. He desperately tried to fight it off, but he slowly lost his strength, and everything went black.


Flint's eyes traveled around the block. He saw that everypony was ok…except…
[i]Ash. Where the hay is he?!
"Octavia, did ya see where Ash went. I'm kinda getting worried for him." Flint said as he trotted over to her.
"I don't know, I haven't seen him since that changeling started to chase…him." She trailed off. They both knew what that meant. Flint's buddy was captured.


Ash's eyes slowly opened as he adjusted to his surroundings. He was in a cage in the ballroom of the castle. There were several other ponies in cages, and several more stuck to the floor with green goop.
Ash gingerly put a hoof to his head as the pounding headache hit.
[i]Me an' Flint...just wanted…a vacation, not… whatever this is.
He struggled to get a few coherent thoughts together. His brain felt like it was swimming through molasses. Or honey that had been left out for a little too long.
[i]What happened to Flint? I hope him an' Octavia are alright…
His thoughts slowly became more coherent as time went on.
He put a hoof against the metal bar for support as he pushed himself to his hooves. His head instantly protested as he collapsed against the floor again.
[i]Nope, not gonna try that again…
He couldn't escape on his own. He'd been hasty and thought he could take on a changeling on his own. And he was wrong. He would never get out of here like this.
He would just have to wait it out.