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Time Trip

by jedi10549

Black. Red. Grey. Sinister colors swirl around me, pinning me down. I hear a sinister laugh, echoing through my head. I see a cliff. I don’t want to go towards it, but the wispy colors push me towards it. They don’t like me here. I don’t belong. They push me closer, ever closer. I can’t control myself. I’m going to the edge myself. I’m running towards it. I fall, not even being able to scream. I hear a ticking as I near the ground.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

It could well be counting my last seconds. But as I hit the ground, the ground isn’t there. I fall through, into a blue and white void. Soft. Dreamy. Soothing.

I woke up, realizing that it was the same dream again. I wish that I could remember while I was in the dream. In there, I just have absolute terror. I have no control, and no sense of belonging. But the end… the end is magnificent. Just the soothing and happiness and safety. And it’s not death. Nobody seems to realize that. They just say, “Ah, what a wonderful metaphor for death.” But it’s not death. It’s as if I was… saved, somehow.

Anyway, I use my summary memory spell to transform this dream into a painting. My name is Ornate Chime. I’m a unicorn that can always tell the time, remember perfectly, and paint well with magic. Whenever I have that dream, I always use the spell I made to completely transfer the idea onto a canvas. I never show anyone, because the last person that saw one went into a coma after seeing the wispy colors pushing me off the edge. I guess that I made the spell capture the terror too well. So, I never show anyone.

///Some way to get to the cliff///

///Dives off of the cliff to get to time portal///

///Old time was covered in hippogriff tyranny///

///Slaves forced to get fruits from a cave that halt aging///

///Plan to save the slaves///

///Find the Storm King and get him to trap the hippogriffs in the lake///

///Go back to the future and regret about the Storm King.///

///Realize that it happened anyway and that I was literally meant to make the Storm King///

///If you still see these notes, It means that I didn’t finish. I’m not a natural writer, so I’m having trouble thinking of what to do. I may or may not finish this later, but probably not.///