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Beyond The Veil

by IgnitedSage

Beyond The Veil

“...And that’s how the world was saved from the Storm King.” The Stallion bragged to the patrons from the tavern.

Daring Do did everything in her power not the roll her eyes to the back of her skull. It was typical to find this kind of behavior in a port city. Where else but in the crossroads of the world would you find the most boastest behavior of adventurers that claim to have do something impossible, that nopony has done before, only for it to be refruited about five minutes later. Yes, this is the scene in which adventuring has degraded to: fake trophies and outrageous claims. Nopony does this for fun anymore. It is all about the creed.

Daring took a small sip of her drink and watch as the evening crowd progressively got bigger. Something big was happening in Canterlot. You could tell by the sight of luggage and the various species that were coming in. Heck, the fact that there was a crowd is proof enough. Hoofington Steps was a typical place that serves as a rest stop for travelers coming into and from Canterlot. It was a port city of the many airships that traveled the world but wasn’t as crowd as Canterlot’s main airport. In fact that it was on the ground help it a lot so that any travelers that want to visit Canterlot from the north can take a quick airship to the fine city without having to travel to the train station.

I wonder what is going on this weekend, Daring thought to herself.

She didn’t have time to investigate. She is just passing through Canterlot to get some intel and the head off for another adventure. There was nothing new that could suprise her athought she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t intriguged by the arrival of tourists in Hoofington Steps. Surely that is why fake adventures are coming to these taverns. Perhaps to con ponies out of their hard earn bits. Whatever the case, it wasn’t in Daring Do’s best interest. Ponies would do whatever they want. Reguardless of the consquences.

She sighed. She just wonders where the fun of adventuring just for adventuring’s sake is at?

It is becoming too clear. She just needs to go to Canterlot and then leave as soon as possible. Nothing new is awaiting for her here in her old hometown.

Daring Do was resting her eyes as the ship began to asscend up into the clouds. It was in the vain hope that she would rest up a bit before she made her way through downtown Canterlot. The one thing she never really talks about in her books was that adventuring can be exhausting. It is one of the many details that readers don’t find intrest in, like eating or walking around the villages.

Just as her body slump to sleep, Daring jolted awake. She felt a prescenes of another pony nearby. She looked around. Her cabin was empty. She didn’t see another pony nearby. Yet her ears weren’t lying. The fur on the back of her neck was standing up. Daring felt her ear swirled around scanning for another sound. A small squeak came from behind. Slowly, Daring trotted to the other siide of the room. Her wings provided some lift to keep her hooces from barely touching the floor. There was a tense moment were the air was still. Daring took one look into the back of the room. Then she pushed a small door that reveal the cargo section. It looks like nopony was there.

In a flash of movement, Daring Do flung herself on top of pocket of air and push it down to the ground. Whatever it was, it had mass. And it seems to be invisible. The figure let out a cry and try to scramble away. Daring Do did another leap and tackle the figure down to the ground. But sure luck or instinct, Daring was able to hook her front hooves around the barrel of this pony and pin them to the ground.

“Okay, I yield! I yield!” a mare’s voice said.

Daring Do gave some slack but not much.

“Who are you?” she commanded.

There was a shimmer of magic and a unicorn mare appeared. The unicorn mare was cloaked in a purple veil and was wearing a lavender mask. Anything that could indentify her was hidden with percised technique that even Daring couldn’t figure out who this pony was. But she reconized that this pony was wearing a disquses for a reason. It didn’t give her any reason to let go. In fact, she concidered knocking her out right here and now.

“What do you want?” Daring Do growled. “I’m not in the mood for games.”

“Calm down, I’m just her for curiosity’s sake.” the mysterous mare stated. “And I was wondering if you are intrested in an offer I want to make. I heard so much about you from my mother’s friends that I guess I wanted to see you in person”

“Then why the disquese?”

“Hey, it is more for me than you.” the mystery mare replied. “I was only invisble to sneak around to conform my suspisions that you were here. I was going to give you a secret letter but that is all ruin now.”

“A secret letter?” Daring Do tilted her head in curiosity.

“Yeah, well more of an invintation” the unicorn mare replied. “I found something that might piqued your interest and I figure you might want to come along for an adventure. Now can you can get off of me? Can’t really feel my rear hooves from the lack of, you know, blood?”

Daring Do stepped off the mysterious mare who brush the dust off of her outfit as soon as she was able to.

“Okay, where is this so-called new adventure?” Daring Do asked. “Bovine Bluffs? Dragon’s Spine? Hellfire Heights?”

“Oh, no is isn’t far away,” the mystery mare replied. “In fact we are going right to it! The place we are heading off to is in Canterlot. Spefically Canterlot’s Gardens.”

There was a small pause of disbelieve.

“Look kid,” Daring Do sighed. “I’m not sure you got me right. I’m looking for something sort of new here. And Canterlot isn’t really new. I seen all that Canterlot has to offer. I grew up in Canterlot for most of my foalhood. What would I ever find there that will remotely be intresting?”

“Well, that’s the secret.” the mysterious mare told her. “If I tell you, then you would think I am lying or think I’m crazy. I want you to see it to believe it. And to disburst the notion that I’m lying or crazy. I can be both! Anyway, meet me in the Canterlot Gardens tomorrow night at nine o’clock. Here’s your ticket to the Internation Gala.”

The mare pulled out a silver ticket and gave it to Daring Do.

“Wait, I didnt even-” Daring Do started to say.

“Tomorrow! Nine o’clock!” The mare said and she stepped in the shadows before saying “Secret! Mystery!”

Daring Do stood there wondering what the hell was that.

Daring Do stood by the garden’s entrance. She did her best to find a suit at the last minute in order to please the Canterlot’s elite snobs. Luckily, she had enough wealth to keep the masquerade up. She didn’t bother mingling with them however. It was all the same. Spoiled brats who have no taste and don’t think highly of the lower class.

Daring looked at the nearby clock. A few minutes passed the ninth hour and her mysterous guest has yet to show up. She was about to call it off when she heard something stepping next to her.

“Do you really need to be invisible still?” Daring said out loud.

“It is not you, it is me.” the mysterious mare said as she reappeared with a shimmer of magic.

“That cheesy break up line?” Daring said in laughing disbelief. “You are acting like we are in a relationship. Heads up, I’m too old for you.”

“Yeah, I doubt my mother would approved of you,” the mysterious mare. “Mare, stallions, and even other species she is okay with. Age is where she draws the line. She still sees me as a little filly despite my age and many achievements. Anyway, follow me.”

The mysterous mare galloped down the garden and passed a few exotic plants. Daring Do had no choice but to chase after her, muttering “I’m too old for this.”

The trip wasn’t much diffcult. The gardens were huge but they weren’t adventurous. Although, Daring had some fond memories as she past by various flowers that were from around the world and were native to certain areas. She even saw some she donated to the Castle that she found on her many trips around the world.

Soon they was heading downhill. For some old reason it felt like it was getting colder. Daring’s pegasi senses didn’t feel a reason for it to be cold. This was usually a warm night tonight. Yet the cold felt bone chilling. Like something you would feel on a Nightmare Night.

“Are you even going to tell me your name?” Daring called out to the mare in front of her.

“Not yet!” the mysterious mare answered.

Daring Do let out another angry sigh.

After ten more minutes, they were reaching the bottom of the hill and Daring Do was reaching the bottom of her patience. She was about to call it off when the mystery mare stopped and hold her hoof out. Daring slowed down and then saw something that gave her a small pause, forcing her to stop.

Standing about a hundred meters away was a big tree. Not just any tree but one that was large, crystalized, and full of magic. Daring could feel the magic coming off of it. But that was not the only thing weird about this tree. Inside the trunk was a large hole. A hole that was showing an entire universe.

“What in the name of Celestia is that?” Daring asked.

“I don’t know, it just grew here one day.” the mysterious mare told her. “The funny thing is that nopony but me can see it. I try showing it to my mother, try showing it to my father, I showed it to Aunt Celestia and Aunt Luna, and yet every time they pierce the veil, they will forget it the moment they walk away. Obviously Discord could be behind it but I can’t really figure it out. I tried everything. Well, except for two things.”

“What two things?” Daring Do looked at the mystery mare.

“Well, I didn’t throw this rock in the hole.” the mystery mare said as she produced a rock.

Before Daring could protest, the mare threw the rock into the hole with the force of a rocket. For a moment nothing happened. Then the rock was shot back right at the ground with enough power to blow up the ground that they were standing on. Daring was able to leap out of the way. But her host was knocked up into the air and over the cliffside that was hanging over the garden’s wall.

Daring made a move to save her but realized that the suit she was wearing restrained her wings. She let out a frustrated cry. However, before she could figure out a way to save the mare, the mare rose up with her own wings and landed back next to her.

The mask and outfit were gone. All it revealed was a pink mare with different hues and shades of purple, white, and blue. Yet Daring realized who this mare was and felt shocked to say the least.

“Princess Flurry Heart?” Daring gasped.

“Please, just call me Flurry Heart.” she said as she ripped the rest of the outfit away.

“What are you doing here?” Daring asked. “Wait,” Realization dawned on Daring Do. “I just put the princess of the Crystal Empire in a chokehold.”

Flurry Heart took no notice. She looked up at the magic, dark tree and let out an angry cry.

“I’ll get you for that!” she yelled and she leaped into the air and flew directly into hole.

“Wait, kid!” Daring Do cried out but Flurry took notice.

Daring Do watched as Flurry dived into the hole as it just vanished into the enveloping darkness. Daring Do looked around. There was no other pony nearby. Eveypony was out by the castle. Yet here she was with a missing princess. Daring let out another sigh and decided there was only one course of action to take. She had to enter the mysterious hole. Taking a deep breathe, Daring tore the suit up and leaped into the hole.

Coldness penetrated her as she crossed the Threshold. There was something off about this place. The Threshold was holding her back. It was time to let go, it was time to cross the Threshold. And like that Daring Do fell to another world.