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Draw Me Like One of Those Prench Mares

by Shakespearicles

Silverstream was as giddy as could be as she returned to her hippogriff home, Mt. Eris. She had been away at Princess Twilight Sparkle's School of Friendship for the entire semester and now she was on break for Hearth's Warming. She would get to see all the other hippogriffs again. But there was one hippogriff in particular that she wanted to see first.

When Terramar opened the door for her, Silverstream presented him the gift basket she had made up for him back in Ponyville. It was an eclectic assortment of foods and art supplies. She remembered how he had loved to paint when they were younger. Though he had been out of practice for some time since then.

"I figured you could use an excuse to practice painting again," Silverstream said, practically dancing in place with excitement..

"And the fruit?" Terramar asked. Silverstream blushed.

"I was hungry when I was in the gift shop. Here, try this one!" She gave him one of the more rare fruits that she had gotten. It has the zesty, citric flavor of a tropical fruit of some kind or another. Silver just watched him eat it trying to keep the mischievous smirk from her beak.

"Yeah, that was pretty good," he said. "Are you going to have one?" he asked.

"I don't want to spoil dinner," she said.

"Dinner won't be for a while yet."

"Well, in the meantime..." Silverstream held up the art kit with the paint and brushes and nodded at the aisle with the blank canvas on it. It has been sitting in the corner of the living room for so long that it had been accumulating dust. She gave him the paint and brushes and brought the aisle over to him where he was sitting in the living room.

"You want me to paint right now?" He asked. She nodded. "Okay. What should I paint?" She moved the basket of fruit onto the coffee table and settled onto the couch on the other side of the living room.

"Just paint whatever... catches your attention," she said as she pretended to yawn and stretched out onto the sofa, 'accidentally' striking a pose. It had always been her dream for somebody to paint her like one of those Prench mares in that romantic movie she had seen. She fluttered her eyelashes at him and gave him a look that she thought was sultry.

She watched him with anticipation as he took up his brush and pallet. She watched as he mixed the different pigments together and she tried to guess what parts of her he was painting by the colors he was using as he started applying some paint to the canvas. Even though she was watching him intently, his eyes never met hers as he worked.

It only served to make her more excited as her imagination ran wild. Thinking back on the romantic scene in the movie, the artist painted the picture of the Prench mare and then they made passionate love afterwards. She wondered if that would happen when he was done. Especially after what she had just fed him.

"How are you feeling?" she asked. He glanced at her.

"I'm good," he replied. She tried to see any clues in his body language that could be more specific than just 'good'..

"Are you feeling... excited?" she asked, pressing him for a bit more information about his mood.

"Actually, yeah," he said. Her expression lit up at hearing that. "I forgot how much I loved painting. Thank you for this."

"My pleasure," she said. She waited a bit more. Aside from him appearing generally happy to be painting, he didn't seem to really be getting 'excited' in the way that she had hoped. After almost an hour of posing she was getting a bit frustrated. But she saw the particular combination of colors he was using. It wasn't any part of the couch or her plumage. And she realized that the oblique angle she was laying in had her in an especially compromising position. And it seemed like he was focusing a lot on one part with that one color. She started to think that maybe what he had eaten had worked too well. But her curiosity was getting to be too much for her to bear.

"Almost done yet?" she asked.

"Just about," he answered.

"Can I come see?"

"Yeah, sure."

Silverstream got up and walked over behind him to look over his shoulder. His style was very impressionistic, lacking in discreet details. That made it hard for her to make out the whole picture right away, but one part popped out to her immediately. It actually took up most of the canvas. She blushed a deeper shade of red. "Oh Terry, how lewd!"

"Um, what?" he asked. She pointed at it on the canvas.

"I'm flattered, but was hoping you weren't going to focus on just that part," she said, feigning indignation.

"Uh, what are you talking about?" he asked. "It's just a peach." She blinked, looking at the painting again. He had painted a picture of the basket of fruit on the coffee table.


"Why? What did you think it was?" he asked. Silverstream suddenly felt very foolish. Despite what he had eaten, he wasn't acting any differently than normal. She realized that any differences she had noticed before were just figments of her imagination running wild.

"Nothing," she said. She grabbed her bag.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"I just realized that I need to write a letter to Headmare Twilight," she said with an irritated huff.

Upstairs in her room, Silverstream took out her parchment and quill and wrote a letter to Headmare Twilight. She was angry and disillusioned. But she knew better to keep the wording of the letter cordial with all due courtesy. She signed it and rolled it up before placing it into the Dragon Fire candle flame. It evaporated into a wisp of green smoke and flew out the window.

She sat and waited. Ponyville, and indeed all of Equestria was a long ways away. It would take a long time for her letter to get there. Twilight needed to read it and reply, which would take even more time. She sat on her bed and sulked.

There was a knock at her door.

"Come in."

"Hey, are you okay?" Terramar asked. "You were acting a little strange earlier and you seemed upset when you left. I hope I didn't do something wrong."

She was upset but she tried not to let it show.

"It's okay," she said. "I just- I don't know. I guess I was just expecting you to be more passionate."

"... about painting?" he asked, a bit confused.

"No, about-" She looked at him. He looked back at her. The same way he always did. "Ugh, never mind."

"Hey, I am excited that you're back from school," he said. He sat down on the bed next to her. He leaned over and hugged her. She turned to look at him. This was it, the moment she was waiting for. But he didn't kiss her. He let go of her and got back up, having given her a hug, and nothing more. He could see she was upset about something, even if she didn't want to tell him what it was."Well, I hope you feel better."


He went back downstairs and she sat by herself for a few more minutes trying to figure out what had gone wrong. A wisp of green smoke came in through the window and materialized into a scroll that fell into her lap. All things considered, it was a speedy reply. She was anxious to see what Headmare Twilight had to say about what had happened and opened the scroll immediately.

Dear Silverstream,

That's not how Passion Fruits work.

- Princess Twilight Sparkle