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Amazing Maze

by myerslink

“Hee-ha” yelled Applejack. The bliss and excitement radiated through her gallops as she raced to Rainbow Dash’s cloud. She skidded to a stop and bellowed, “Hey, are you there Rainbow Dash!”

Peeking over the edge of her cloud, Rainbow Dash replied, “Hey, Applejack, What’s got you all excited?”

“ I was hoping you could help me get ready for the upcoming Fall – Full Moon Festival… Twilight asked me if I would create the Amazing Moonlight Maze. “
Rainbow Dash sat in silence for a moment, stared deep into Applejack’s eyes, then quickly spiraled into the sky. “Oh my,” she squealed, “Yes, I can definitely help!”

The tone and expression of Rainbow’s face gives Applejack a bad feeling. “What do you have in mind?” Applejack said with hesitation.
“With wicked whirling winds, I will bring the best rain clouds ever, so that the garden will grow larger than ever before. All of Ponyville will be swimming in chaos. He-he!” declared Rainbow Dash with a dastardly smile.

“Oh, you didn’t just say that! Hmmm, I really need help. Why can’t you put your jokes aside for once.” Applejack said with a sigh. “You and your clouds always seem to ruin everything.” Applejack walked away with her head down as she said under her breath, “I should have known better.”

As Applejack walked back to the farm, she remembered the big bag of corn seeds sitting in the barn; the joy of the festival began to return. She plowed the fields and planted the corn seeds. As Applejack huff-watered the newly planted corn field she stated, “I can grow this corn without Rainbow Dash’s crazy- scheming tactics.”

As the months went by, Applejack tended her garden with meticulous care; watering, weeding, and even singing. The lust corn grew greener and taller than the previous years. She knew that in order for the corn maze to be amazing it needed to be thick and tall, and she finally had the corn ready.
The maze puzzle was cut into the field by the Ponyville secret committee, such that none of the competing team members could see the results. This was the practice that was followed every year of this festival so that each team could try to get through the maze in the fastest time. The committee announced that this year the corn field was bigger than before and that the maze was going to be the biggest challenge ever.

The Friendship of Harmony team, the main six, always competed in the Amazing Maze, but had never got first place yet. The team was trying to get together to practice but Applejack and Rainbow Dash stopped talking to each other. That didn’t stop everyone from getting into the Full Moon Festival spirit; they drank the hard apple cider, ate chocolate treats, and listened to uplifting music.

This year the Friendship of Harmony team was going to be the first team to go through the maze. “Wow, that is just crazy!” stated Pinky Pie.
“We can do it,” declared Twilight, “We just need to work together!” Everyone looked at both Rainbow Dash and Applejack.
“I couldn’t agree more,” replied Applejack with her eyes squinting at Rainbow Dash.
Everyone’s heart stopped as they heard the announcement, “First team in up, Can we have the Friendship of Harmony team come to the start line.”
“Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” squealed Pinkie Pie. Everyone took a deep breath together.
All six held hooves and waited for the starting bell to ring. At the very moment the bell went off; a thick, dark cloud drifted across the night sky and drought out the moon light. Everything went pitch black. The ponies wandered slowly into the maze.
“What a complete failure!!!” Pinkie Pie whined. “I can’t see anything”
“How are we suppose to finish the hardest, longest maze ever, if we can’t see,” declared Rarity.
Everything seemed lost, and the prospect of living another year with a lost seemed to be realized. Then without thinking, Rainbow Dash shot into the air and whirled around the clouds. And just as fast as the clouds came, they left.
Without hesitation, the team raced through the maze. Through teamwork, each turn was correctly navigated and the team reached the finish line in a time they had never done before. Both Rainbow Dash and Apple Dash hugged each other. “I am sorry Rainbow Dash, I will never complain about your clouds ever again,” Applejack said with a loud sigh.

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