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Sweetie Belle the Master Chef

by Allegrano

Carousel Boutique

Sweetie Belle was pacing back and forth and just examining a book she borrowed from Twilight's castle about the diets of the Hippogriff society and learn that they love many things and that despite eating plants of the sea, they also loved fishes and other meat-based cuisines. Sweetie Belle was thankful that the producers sent her this a few months in advance to make sure she recipes to do. Still, her secret ingredient for the main dish had not come, and she was afraid of trying to find a substitute for it; the flavors were hard to replicate.

"Ding! Ding!" Sweetie Belle raced down the door and broke the door open with her magic. Standing at the door was Derpy and a package, with a quick sign for the package and running back upstairs to open it. A sweet berry gem that considered to be the rarest and sweetest gem found only in the depths of the trenches.

Sweetie Belle placed it back in the box and started to do calming exercises before hearing an alarm that she set for the show. Grabbing her knives and box and heading to the Castle of Friendship.

Castle of Friendship

Sweetie Belle opened the door to the main stage area before placing everything down on her table and looking up to see that she be performing in front of a broad live audience. Sweating and the fear she felt before were coming back with a vengeance, and she was getting close to hyperventilating. Lucky for Sweetie Belle, one of her friends, Scootaloo, came down from the audience and hugged Sweetie Belle.

"Take it easy there Sweetie, it's ok that you are nervous, but you don't need to go into panic mode just yet. Take a few deep breathes and just relax, you will do amazing." with a quick peck on the cheek before flying back to her seat as she cheered Sweetie Belle on.

"Ok, I just need to calm down and relax," taking in a few deep breathes in and slowly calming down before one of the crew members shouted that they be, live in three minutes.

Sweetie Belle quickly started to separate her ingredients into there respective dishes that she is cooking and preheated the oven—putting on a chef hat on before staring into the camera and waiting for the show to begin.

A griffon came beside the camera and started to do a counted down from five to the thumbs up. With the thumbs up, the show was live.

"Welcome everyone to another fine day of cooking with me, Sweetie Belle, the Master Chef. Today we are cooking a few fine dishes that were inspired by Hippogriff culture and cuisines." Sweetie Belle said without messing up.

"First we are doing a sea cucumber salad with fruit dressings and by starting by cutting up these lovely critters from there baths." pulling one out with her magic, and it was still squirming before cutting the ends off and putting them in the trash. Cutting them up into long thin slices and putting them to the side. "After you finish cutting up the sea cucumbers into long thin slices, then we begin by shredding this iceberg lettuce and putting that into a big bowl like this." Showing off a big bowl and cutting up the lettuce and putting her shred lettuce in."

"Next, we making our fruit dressing, and we are starting by cutting the almonds up and baking them for five minutes before blending in our fruits." Grabbing a small basket and laying across the cutting board, a lot of almonds before taking her knife and cutting them up into the almonds that you see from bags of the ready to eat kind—placing them on a baking sheet before sticking into the oven and heading to pick up several different kinds of fruit with her magic.
"Now we are blending in five large strawberries, two oranges, one pear, a dozen raspberries, three pinches of salt, and just 1/4 of a cup of white wine vinegar before blending until dressing is a smooth consist." With magic, she blends the dressing until it was a beautiful dark reddish color and put it into a bottle.

"After you are down with all of that, we are cutting up tomatoes and shredding cheese." Lifting two tomatoes and a wedge of cheese. "You can choose how many tomatoes and cheese you want, and it doesn't matter what kind, either." Quickly cutting them up and grating the right amount of cheese into the bowl. Then the oven made a beeping noise. Which she grabbed the almonds and placed them into the salad.

"After placing the almonds, then leave the salad alone as we did with it, and next we are working the main dish. Fish grab two large fish that have hard skin; these fishes can either be Salmon or Stonefish as they both have hard skin. We are going to be boiling them into tuna stock with a little bit of salt before searing them with butter until they are golden brown. I would have the pot on low and cook for three to four hours, and I have this patch right here that has cooked in stock. " Then showing off two large fishes that we slightly different color from there original. " Now we cook on high with lots of butter until cooked thoroughly. " Using a spoon and picking up melting butter and dumping it on the top to let it cook thoroughly. "Remember that the fish need to be this color, and the technique is a Prench Technique which allows those with harder skins to cooked to perfection." Showing off two fishes that were golden brown,"

"Now we are making some sauce to with our meat that is cooling down now. This is my recipe that involves an extraordinary item." Pulling the sweet berry gem out of the box and showing it off to the camera. A gem like a berry that was a shiny red like a ruby. " This right here is a sweet berry gem that found in the darkest places of the trenches of the seas. This gem is also one of the hardest to eat as it requires a special technique to cook it. " Grabbing her box of knives and pulling out a blue knife and then placing the berry on a new cutting board before looking at and seeing a unicorn using her magic to clean up the mess made by Sweetie Belle. She shook her head to focus again before placing the berry on the cutting board and then remembering to talk about the knife. "So to cut the gem, you need a knife like a diamond-encrusted knife like this one which can found at your local market that is supplied by Rarity Gems. Now you want to cut off the ends and make sure you save them for later. Now you need to take out the seeds in the middle and cut the skin into long thin slices before putting them here in a diamond-encrusted pot, which is also supplied by Rarity Gems. " Putting her pot into the oven and looking through her knife box and pulled out a gem. " Now, you be wanting to switch out your now heating gem from the top and replacing it with a phoenix gem that is also supplied by Rarity Gems." Quickly switching them out and just sighing as she sounds more like sales-mare then anything right now. "Let it cook for thirty minutes, and we are making the rest of the sauce as we wait."

"Next, we cut up half of a yellow onion and two cloves of garlic and put into a pan with some oil and cooking until they are see-through and golden brown. " Cooking them on top with the phoenix gem which made the flames big and blue. " Now be careful as the phoenix gem is making the oven cooked, and you be stirring for only a few minutes, and now it's done—next, we add in some hay flour, sugar, and red wine. First, we need to cook the wine with the onions and garlic for two minutes and then add the rest of the ingredients."

Beep! Beep! Sweetie Belle put an oven mitt on her horn and opened the oven door and pulled out the sweet berry gem that was cooking. Then replaced the phoenix gem with the original gem.

"Ok, now that sweet berry gem is cooked, we are taking the top and watch this magic." The berry shoots back up and formed into a berry again. She brought over the bottom and hovered it on top of the other pan before taking her diamond-encrusted knife and hitting bottom, which made the berry vanish and reappear where the base was and into the pot before being stirred again. "That is why we keep both ends of the berry because once in finds something to form in; it won't want to leave. Now we stir until they mixed completely, and if down correctly, it won't stick to the pot." She stopped stirring and placed it on a different top before grabbing a plate. "Now we are done with everything, and we get to the best part. " Grabbing a piece of fish with her tongs and some salad and bringing it the clean counter before grabbing a hard plate of quartz and bringing her gem berry sauce and placing it down and grabbing her bottle with fruit dressing. "Now, if the sauce is down correctly, we can pour this out of the pot. "Tipping the sauce over the fish, and it slowly came out and was drizzled on to the fish. She was smiling before placing the pot down and drizzling some dressing on her salad. Taking a knife and cutting a piece of fish with sauce and eating it. Swallowing before doing the same thing with her salad. "Extremely tasty and the best dish for any occasion and something to impress your special somepony. Thank you for coming by, and we are seeing you next time." Sweetie was waving as the camera light went from green to red.

She was exiting stage left with her cleaned knives and gems in her case before heading home. Seeing the couch and the smiling before laying on it and sighing. "Way to much stress for me at all." Sweetie Belle mumbled to herself before seeing some new letters and groaning as she got up and picked them up and read.

Congrats on your latest show, and you now we were able to get you a spot in Chicoltgo, and we are doing a Griffon theme and be using some Golden Bull cow as the main dish. Good Luck and we be seeing you in a year.

"Buck" Sweetie Belle cursed herself as Golden Bull cow considered to be the only beef dish that she could cook, but she couldn't afford that at all. Unless she thought about her marefriend and remembered the stories of a drunken night on the Rainbow Factory, that Scootaloo worked. Then the doorbell chimed before she smiled, she has broken the rules to get the things that she needed for cook shows, and well, it's hard to tell the difference if she prepares it. Grabbing a knife and walking to see Bestie the cow, a cow who was leaving back home so no pony will notice.

Sweetie Belle gave the dress to Bestie and offered to walk to the train. She accepted, and the two-headed to the train station, buying a ticket to Cantrolot and saying she was visiting her sister. They board, and when their passports stamped, the cow went to the bathroom. She followed her before teleporting them back home and killing her in the shower—taking what parts she needed before placing the rest in the trash bin and teleporting it into the Everfree—cleaning up and laughing as she never gets caught and had the backing of the princess because of the Rainbow Factory.