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by riceflowers

The train's cogs made a grueling howl before it's wheels halted in its tracks. After the doors opened, I made sure to hold onto my bags and mind the gap before I could really adjust my eyes to the harsh midday sun, my hoof covering my sight from the piercing rays of Celestia's light. Blinking my eyes hard, I could finally see the imposing size of Mount Aris before me. I've heard it was beautiful but nothing could have prepared me for what was to come, houses built into the spiraling trees truly showed their adoration for the nature around them. Not far from the captivating homes was the grandiose display of Harmonizing Heights, the intricate detail on the mountain's mighty face was only part of the serene ambiance, critters scattered and flew around the large open terrace of Mount Aris, the rivers creating music along with the wind which would lead anyone to a trance. It was rather quiet in Harmonizing Heights until I saw two hippogriffs in the corner of my eye, both hippogriffs were dancing. It wasn't the same as the ones I see in Ponyville, it was smooth and tranquil. If you paid enough attention you would see that they were moving to the subtle movements of the trees and water. Before I came here, I made sure to read about them a little bit as to not embarrass myself or offend anypon- er... creature. I remember reading that they have traditional dances that tune themselves with their surroundings. I was left in awe as their wings hovered through the gentle wind and their beaks pointing high up to the sky, their paws prancing across the green blades of grass.

I didn't want to interrupt such a beautiful scene, so I followed the gentle streams of water below me. I must have been completely unaware of where the water was leading me until I felt my hooves touch warm sand. Surprised, I looked up and saw a panoramic view of the sea. Saying that Seaquestria was brimming with life seemed like an understatement, you could see dolphins break the surface time and time again along with the seaponies. I had to close my muzzle before it would have dropped any lower to the floor. Everything in front of me was alluring as if the sea was calling me so it could wrap its cooling embrace of seafoam around me. Giggles snapped me to reality, trying to find the source of the sound lead me to a seafilly and a hippogriff playing near the shore. They looked like they were siblings, but there was little in common, the hippogriff had wings and two back legs while the seafilly sported fins on their sides and a tail that shimmered. I smiled, seeing how both of them saw past their physical differences and were having fun. I walked along the shore nearly to the end, the sun nearly setting. I couldn't see any creature around but that didn't bother me, I wanted to find a nice place to relax and see the stars shine before I went back to find an inn. I nearly closed my eyes just to feel the breeze comb through my mane before I saw a palpitating glow near the rocky face of the mountain. The light was covered by a few leaves, gently moving them aside I saw a fruit nuzzled cozily against the sand, its vines seeping from the rocks. I gasped, never in my life would I have seen something of such rarity. I was told that an amphifructus was only an old mares tale, they say that if you bite into it you'll be gifted with the ability to morph into a seapony and back to your original self, no need for a necklace or pearl. Surprised, I took my camera from my bag and took a picture, a small ponyroid popping out from the camera. I waved it around before the image fully came up and put it inside my photo book. Carefully, I snapped the vine from the fruit and held it close against my face. It was round and full, its bumpy skin was stained with a gorgeous hue of magenta and yellow and was delightfully fragrant. Not waiting a moment more, I took a big bite of the fruit and dropped it down the sand. I waited for a bit before I opened my eyes to see any changes. I didn't feel any different or see anything different. "Hm. Just an old mare's tale" I said as I turned back, my scaly coat shimmering in the sun.